Christina Cody Critter Pipe – Black Spider on Moss Green Glass Spoon Pipe


Individually Handmade

  • Colorful And Unique Critter Pipe!
  • Made In The Usa
  • Ships From The Usa
  • High-high Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Carb Pit On Left Side Of Bowl
  • Every Handmade Pipe Is Actually One-of-a-kind
  • Signed By The Artist
  • Christina Cody
  • Description

    When you want more than just something to smoke out of, when you want something gorgeous and handmade that will beautifully accent your living space, that’s where glasswork by Christina Cody comes in. With over a dozen years of lampworking and glass sculpture experience behind her, Christina Cody’s enthusiasm and her inspiration from nature still shine through in all her work.,This Christina Cody Critter Pipe is handmade in Southern California using high-grade borosilicate glass with a flat bottom and curled-over top, a piece of American glass art suitable for display all on its own. The body is a rich moss green hue with a shiny black glass spider perched on the chamber, and the spider’s body features a brilliant marble, one of Christina Cody’s specialties! In use, this spoon pipe features a carb hole, generous bowl, and a raised mouthpiece. The extra space inside the pipe allows smoke to cool slightly before reaching your throat.,Attention to detail, creativity and quality craftsmanship add together to make this glass pipe an investment as well as an unforgettable gift for yourself or someone special!

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