Jilter Pipe – Anodized Aluminum Pipe and Filters Set – Black


Aluminum Jilter Pipe Gift Arranged With Jilter Filters!

  • Smooth Anodized Aluminum Pipe In Black
  • Black Acrylic Mouthpiece In Addition Spare Mouthpiece
  • Container Of About 42 Jilter Filter Tips
  • Pointed-suggestion Tweezers For Handling Filters
  • Pocket-sized And Portable
  • Padded Acrylic Gift Container
  • Description

    Obtain smooth, filtered hits from a little metal hand pipe with the Jilter Pipe!

    Greatest known for his or her Jilter Filters, Jilter right now offers this sleek anodized aluminum hand pipe with a black acrylic mouthpiece. Pull out the mouthpiece and connect a paper-wrapped cotton Jilter filter suggestion before cigarette smoking to be able to reduce inhalation of tar and carcinogens. Pointed-suggestion tweezers are included for easy handling of used filters. When rolling your own cigarettes or joints, try utilizing a regular paper filter suggestion placed right into a Jilter filter suggestion for solution, smoother smoke!

    ,Neatly packaged inside a clear and black acrylic gift container with padded compartments for every item, this Jilter Pipe gift arranged also includes a container

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