Pure Glass Hellstorm Perc Stemless Vapor Tube


Stemless Scientific Glass Vapor Tube

  • From Pure Glass!
  • Top Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Stable Round Foot And Stemless Design
  • Hellstorm Percolator And Turbo Spool Splash Guard
  • Borosilicate Glass Concentrate Nail
  • 18.8mm Best-load Vapor Dome
  • 3d Etched Pure Glass Label
  • Absolutely No Carb Pit
  • Packaged In Padded Container
  • Description

    The Hellstorm Perc within this stemless scientific glass tube from Pure Glass creates a smoke-cooling mass of bubbles when you inhale, delivering a silky smooth toke. In the primary 50mm-wide body, beneath the 38mm-wide upper tube, the turbo spool splash guard maintains the smoke whirling and assists keep drinking water from reaching the mouthpiece. This item has a good 18.8mm male joint and comes designed with a borosilicate glass concentrate nail and a good 18.8mm best

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